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Mandala Dome Tealight Holder & Tealights

Mandala Dome Tealight Holder & Tealights


Transform your home into a haven of peace and harmony with the exquisite White Ceramic Mandala Dome Tealight Holder. This beautiful piece of decor not only adds a touch of elegance to your living space but teamed with our essential oil tealights it also creates a soothing ambiance that fosters relaxation and tranquility.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this tealight holder features a delicate mandala design meticulously etched into its surface. The intricate patterns and details of the mandala symbolize unity, balance, and the interconnectedness of all things, making it a perfect addition to any home seeking to promote harmony.


Here's how you can use this lovely tealight holder to enhance the peaceful atmosphere in your home:

  • Choose the Right Location: Find a spot in your home where you would like to create a calming atmosphere. It could be on a coffee table, a mantelpiece, a bedside table, or even in the center of your dining table for a serene mealtime.

  • Light the Tealights: Place the tealights inside the dome, ensuring they are secure. Light the tealights, and watch as the soft, flickering candlelight illuminates the mandala design, casting intricate shadows that dance across the room.

  • Create a Ritual: Make it a daily or weekly ritual to light the tealights in the mandala dome. This can be a moment for meditation, reflection, or simply to unwind and appreciate the beauty of the mandala.

  • Pair with Other Decor: Complement the tealight holder with other white or neutral decor elements to create a cohesive, calming aesthetic in your living space. 

  • Music and Aromatherapy: Enhance the peaceful atmosphere further by playing soft, calming music.

  • Mindful Moments: Encourage family members or guests to take a moment to appreciate the serenity and beauty of the tealight holder. Share your thoughts and feelings as you gather around it.


By incorporating the White Ceramic Mandala Dome Tealight Holder into your home, you'll not only elevate your interior decor but also foster an environment that promotes peace, harmony, and a sense of well-being for everyone who enters. It's a simple yet effective way to create a serene oasis within your home.

  • 12cm x 8cm

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